1. 2020 March Hongkong Jewelry Show    

In  2020 Year all jewelry shows cancelled due to Covid-19. Looking forward to meet everyone in the next show soon. 

2.1 2019 September Hongkong Jewelry Show      

In The 2019 Year We Attended The September Hongkong International Jewelry Show.More Customer Know Our New Products. Our Pearls Jewelry Collections kept hot and  got UBM media interviewed. 

2.2 2019 March Hongkong Jewelry Show          

In The 2019 Year We Attended The March Hongkong International Jewelry Show. We displayed our new baroque pearls new collection. We had a Successful Exhibition.

3. 2018 September Hongkong Jewellery Show    

In The 2018 Year We Attended Hongkong September International Jewelry Show. We had a big light box Advertise on the first floor. Our lockets and slider collection had great feedbacks. 

4. 2017 March Hongkong Jewellery Show

We display all 18k solid gold collection there. Our quality and designs received high comments.

We have attended almost every hongkong march and september jewelry shows since 2009 year.








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