Time goes by, more and more people gradually feel that silver jewelry is the symbol of being out of time and turn to purchase diamonds. However, they may underestimate the significance of the 925 silver jewelry. The 925 silver jewelry is the connection between ancient jewelry and modern jewelry, and the link between ancient and our modern society. The classic metal silver color let you remind the period of ancient.

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Also, because of the special physical feature of the 925 silver, it can be designed in various shapes. It is totally different from the diamond. The 925 silver can be designed for various modern jewelry styles. The 925 silver small hoop earrings are a great example. The hoop earring is popular in block culture. The 925 silver could add a cool feeling to the user's dress style, with its special metal color. The 925 silver customized heart locket could be a piece of great jewelry showing your emotion. The silver means the past time, and the locket could express some special memories that hide in your heart.

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As a professional 925 silver jewelry factory, Renfook wholesale earring hoops and wholesale lockets. Rendfook adheres to use 925 silver to manufacture classic jewelry. Renfook provides you with ODM & OEM services. You could get your best enamel jewelry and silver plated earring hoops.