925 Sterling Silver Double Curb Chunky Chain Bracelet



This chunky chain bracelet is made with double curb and big jumbo clasp. Very hot style now. 



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1.Metal:925 sterling silver


3.Size: length19cm,chain link: 10.8*12.4mm                             

4.Net Weight:25.55g/pcs


6.Plated:silver plated,flash gold plated ,flash rose-gold plated,rhodium plated, black plated                                  


8.Special Craft:chunky chain

9.Style:chunky bracelet

10.Using Scenes:everyday, party, festival,gift                                               

11.Package:in a poly bag      

12.Lead Time:3-4 weeks 

Which Is Good: Paperclip Chain Bracelet Silver Or Chunky Chain Bracelet

When comes to the choice of the chain bracelet, you may also confuse which is better between paperclip chain bracelet silver and chunky chain bracelet. On this page, I will briefly illustrate these two types of bracelets.

Paperclip Chain Bracelet Silver

The silver paperclip chain bracelet is for daily wearing with its high compatibility in various styles of clothes. And the small silver paperclip chain bracelet is a great investment piece. You can wear it in the shower, to the gym, etc.

Chunky Chain Bracelet

The chunky chain is the modern bracelet which is a great piece of jewelry which beloved by many internet celebrities. You could wear it to attend the party, beach, and on other occasions.



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