Jewellery Craft --- Custom Logo




During our cooperation with many brand jewelry companies,most of them would like to have their own logo on the jewellery. There are a lot of ways to get this done.


For Bracelet and Necklace


1. Choose your favourite tag shape and size, we have many blank tags with different shapes and sizes.



2. Send us your logo file,we will laser it on your chosen tag, you can attach this tag on bracelets and necklaces.



3. If you cannot find favourite tag from our catalogue, then we can open a new mold for you. The logo will be made in the mold mostly, and the mold will be only for you exclusively.



For Earring, Ring and Pendant


Those items no way to attach tag. Don’t worry, we can still work it out. For our designs mostly we laser your logo on the finished jewellery, charge a bit laser fee. For your custom designs, some simple logo are made in mold, then no extra laser fee charge. Too long words would be still lasered during the production. Surely we will send you all the details for your confirm before mass production.




Make logo in black color


Some customers want logo in black color,then we would laser the logo very deep, so we can enamel the letters in black color like below.



I believe our above introduction can release your concern for your logo on jewellery. Welcome any inquiry for sterling silver jewelry request. Thanks.