What is Slider Necklace

The slider is a type of adjustable slider bead with a sliding channel in which a chain or necklace slips through an open-element on the back of the piece. Also, some part of the slider necklace chain would be invisible, which makes the beads naturally seems is part of the chain.

Necklace Slides Wholesale

In Renfook, we provide slider necklace silver to make a perfect match with the slider necklace charms. Silver slider bracelets and silver slider necklaces are versatile for any style of clothes. Also, because of the sliding channel, the position of slider necklace charms move so that the scenery which your silver slider bracelet offers is varietal.

Designer Sliders for Ladies

Adjustable slider necklace is a hot seller in the necklace category, because it allows you to adjust the length of the necklace. Then, the pearl slider necklace is one of the most classic one. With the natural pearl and the special treatment surface, the pearl slider necklace present you the beauty of the natural power and the aesthetic of the mancraftship.