What is Silver Enamel Jewelry?

Texture sterling silver is complemented by shiny, vibrant enamels. It retains the cool feeling of silver while at the same time showing the vigor of the enamel.

In this category, we offer the best silver enamel jewelry. A variety of shapes is presented on this page, such as heart shape, flat round, square shapes, and so on. Enamel heart jewelry is the perfect jewelry to wear alone or layer with a delicate necklace. White enamel jewelry also presents the fabulous texture of the enamel and makes you look more elegant. Clear crystal and white silver colors create unique designer enamel jewelry.

Custom Enamel Jewelry

As a professional silver clay jewelry manufacturer, Renfook provides custom made enamel jewelry and the best clay for jewelry. Furthermore, all silver clay jewelry designs in our clay jewelry are versatile, so you could buy them without hesitation.