Jewellery Craft --- Stone Setting




In our company we work with cubic zirconia, natural gemstones, fresh water pearls, swarovski crystals and diamonds.

Every different kind of stone need different treatment and setting ways. Since crystal and pearls are mostly glue or pin, here we only introduce the setting way for cubic zirconia, gemstones and diamonds.



Big sizes and Alien shapes stones usually work as center stone. For center stones, most setting way in the market will be like below:

Center Stone Setting


1.Prong Setting: one of favourite and most widely used in jewellery setting. There are two vertical prongs, two horizontal prongs, four prongs, six prongs and eight prongs. The prong shapes can be different like round, button, square and triangle. The thickness of prong can be thin and delicate or thick and strong. It’s really up to your like.

2. Basket setting is a classic and clean-looking setting like the center stone in a basket.


3. Peg Set: a clean and simple setting that keeps the diamond close to the band and really shows off the diamond.


4.Illusion Set: a beautiful setting that allows the center stone to appear larger than it is.


5.Decorative Set: a beautiful and intricate design that hold the center stones in a detailed basket.


6.Bezel Set: a modern setting that metal rim around the stone from all sides, fitting the center stone.
 Half Bezel: a modern setting that metal rim partially around the stone to have a stone sit in the center.

7.Bar/Channel Set: an elegant setting style that uses small cuts in metal ‘bars’ on either side of the stone to hold it in place, especially fitting for square shape stones.

8.Bright-Cut Set:  with low prongs and usually a slightly beveled side wall that brings out a shine.

9.Trellis Set: four interweaving prongs are shaped to hold the center stone, crossing over each other in a classically secure silhouette.


Side Stones Setting


For tiny small size stones, mostly round shape. We put on side, there are also a lot of ways to do like channel, bead&bright-cut, bezel, surface prong, shared prong, bar, scallop, fishtail, flush and pave.

With the above information, surely you don’t worry how to choose the prong style for your designs. Hopefully you have great selection.


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