What Are Solid Silver Huggie Earrings?

The huggie earrings are a trendy style of earring hoop. Unlike the dangle earrings, the huggies sit close to your face and make your face smaller visually. Our ladies huggie earrings and 925 sterling silver hoop earrings come with different styles. Take the pearl huggie earrings silver as a example. It is one of the best huggie earrings in this category. It is the great combination between natural beauty and metal charms. The natural pearl also ensure this type of earrings is always trendy.

What Are 925 Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings?

925 sterling silver hoop earrings refer to circular or semi-circular-shaped earrings, generally in the form of a hoop of metal that can be opened to pass through an ear piercing. The ladies earrings hoops symbolize strength and international fashion. The circle shape represents unity, infinity, and wholeness.

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