925 Sterling Silver Sea Snail Pendant Necklace





This Necklace is with well made sea snail pendant and cable chain. It is very good jewelry for summer holidays. The matching snail earring stud is available too.  


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Features of Ladies Locket Necklace

1.Metal:925 sterling silver


3.Size:pendant:15*12.5*4.5mm necklace length  45cm

4.Net Weight:5.07 g/pc


6.Plated:silver plated,flash gold plated ,flash rose-gold plated,rhodium plated, black plated


8.Special Craft:polished

9.Style:fashion jewelry

10.Using Scenes:everyday, party, festival,gift

11.Package:in a poly bag

12.Lead Time:3-4 weeks


What is the Purpose of A Ladies Locket Necklace?

The purpose of a ladies locket necklace is to hold a cherished photo or small item close to the heart as a symbol of love, memory, or affection. The locket compartment can be opened and closed, allowing the wearer to keep a special picture or keepsake inside. Ladies locket necklaces can be gifted as a sentimental and meaningful pieces of jewelry for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays.


What Styles of Ladies Locket Necklaces Are Available?

Ladies locket necklaces are available in a wide range of styles, including vintage, modern, and classic designs. Some lockets feature intricate patterns or engravings, while others are simple and minimalist. Some lockets may also have gems or stones incorporated into the design. Additionally, the chains that come with ladies locket necklaces can vary in style and length, from delicate and dainty to bold and statement-making. Overall, there are many different styles of ladies locket necklaces to choose from, making it easy to find a piece that suits your personal taste and style.


Can A Ladies Locket Necklace be Personalized?

Yes, many ladies locket necklaces can be personalized to make them even more special and meaningful. Personalization options can include adding an engraving, such as a name, date, or special message, to the locket or the chain. Additionally, some lockets have space for inserting a small photo or memento, allowing the wearer to customize the piece with their own sentimental item. Personalized ladies locket necklaces make thoughtful and unique gifts for special occasions or for loved ones.

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