Sterling Silver Heart Glass Locket Ring



This heart locket ring is highly end jewelry, set with tiny ruby color cubic zirconia and tempered glass. The hinge is hidden and can open beside. You can put in loose gemstones, or cubic zirconia. Very good for DIY Jewellery. 



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Features of the Women's Locket Jewelry

1.Metal:925 sterling silver

2.Stone:cubic zirconia                                


4.Net Weight:7.0g

5.Surface: shiny                  

6.Plated:silver plated,flash gold plated ,flash rose-gold plated,rhodium plated, black plated                                   

7.MOQ:30 per ring size

8.Special Craft:hinge

9.Style: locket, glass memory locket, DIY Jewelry 

10.Using Scenes:wedding,engagement,everyday, party, festival,gift                                               

11.Package:in a poly bag      

12.Lead Time:4-6 weeks 

Where Can I Buy Women's Locket Jewelry?

Women's locket jewelry can be found at many jewelry stores and online retailers. Make sure to choose a reputable seller who offers high-quality pieces and excellent customer service.

Renfook is reckoned as one of the trusted and reliable suppliers of women's locket jewelry, offering various collections of sterling silver locket jewelry.

What Are the Most Common Materials Used for Women's Locket Jewelry?

Lockets can be made from a variety of materials, including:

●Gold: Gold lockets are popular for their durability, elegance, and ability to hold intricate designs.

●Silver: Silver lockets are a more affordable option and can still offer intricate designs and durability.

●Stainless steel: Stainless steel lockets are a sturdy and durable option, often used for more modern designs.

●Brass: Brass lockets are a popular option for vintage and antique styles, and can offer a warm, golden color.

●Wood: Wooden lockets can provide a unique and natural look, often used for rustic or bohemian styles.

●Enamel: Enamel lockets are made from a base metal and coated with colorful enamel for a vibrant and eye-catching look.

●Glass: Glass lockets are often used to showcase a special item or picture, with a clear window to display the contents.

Overall, the choice of material for a locket often depends on personal style, budget, and desired durability.

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